Grape Seed Extract from France of Unmatched Antioxidant Activity

Vitaflavan® French Grape Seed Extract Drink Powder

The quality of a grape seed extract product can be measured based on its content of OPC (Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidines). Vitaflavan® grape seed extract has the highest content of oligomers of proanthocyanidins on the market, and is the best product that is free of health-harmful high polymeric proanthocyandines.

AmeriNutra, Inc. a US domestic company, has mission to promote the best health ingredients that can be found on the world's market, and make the best consumer products that are affordable. As a part of our business operations, we import the Vitaflavan® grape seed extract from France. Our PhD scientists have the needed expertise to analyze the chemical compositions and use the best ingredients to formulate the consumer products for the most efficient absorption.

AmeriNutra, Inc. is specialized in the isotonic formula that allows fast and the most efficient absorption of the precious OPC nutrients from French grape seed extract.

The best grape seed extract from France has the OPC content of up to 70-75%. It is incorrect that some other sellers claim the OPC content in 90-98% for their low quality grape seed extract products. We communicate all the product information to our customers, with the most transparent and credible specifications.

Consumers should look for credibility of the manufacturer and specifications of the raw ingredient of grape seed extract to judge its quality. Some sellers may inflate the OPC content of their low quality of grape seed extract.

We have a strong scientific and management team in France who are behind our grape seed extract ingredient: the real people with public identities.

Grape Seed extract Drink Powder Formula

The nutritional natural products in grape seed extract can be much better absorbed and are more effective if taken as a drink. A nice taste drink is more enjoyable than swallowing hard tablets or capsules.

The General Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract Supplement

Health maintenance and disease prevention are a challenge task, facing every human being at the middle age and older. Grape seed extract, rich in Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins or OPCs, is commonly known as super antioxidants, providing us a natural gift as the healthy aging solution.

Grape seed extract antioxidants are among the most researched health ingredients in modern sciences and have become very popular dietary supplement product world-wide. Vitaflavan® Grape Seed Extract in isotonic capable formula as dietary supplement:

  • Promote cardiovascular and blood vessel health.
  • Help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
  • Support normal blood pressure.
  • Assist in body weight management.
  • Enhance immune system and promotes bone and joint health.
  • Help maintain younger looking skin.

Vitaflavan® Grape Seed Extract Is Approved by the US FDA

Vitaflavan® grape seed extract is a dietary supplement ingredient approved by the US FDA for import from France. It has been demonstrated safe and effective as an antioxidant.

Start to Feel Better Today by Taking Vitaflavan® Grape Seed Extract!

There have been more than a thousand of published scientific studies indicating a variety of health benefits of grape seed extract. For example, it has been discussed in several publications of clinical studies on grape seed extract and pine bark extract that a daily OPC intake of 150 mg for 2 months reduced blood pressure and supported normal blood pressure. The clinical studies are still going on. The health benefit claims for disease treatment and prevention have not approved by US FDA. However, grape seed extract is safe and has no side effect for most people with potentially enoumous help to your health. Grape seed extract is approved by the US FDA as a dietary supplement ingredient.

† The contents in this website have not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration. Vitaflavan® grape seed extract and FrenchGlory® OPC antioxidants are nutritional supplements, not intended to diagnose, treat, care for or prevent any diseases.
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